MMX Metadata Framework

MMX Metadata Framework by Mindworks Industries is a lightweight implementation of OMG Metadata Object Facility (MOF) built on relational database technology. MMX framework is based on three general concepts: Metamodel, Access Layer and Generic Transformation.

MMX Metamodel is a general-purpose storage mechanism for different knowledge models. MMX Metamodel corresponds to M3 level (metametamodel) in MOF terms housing both M2 (metamodel) and M1 (model) levels. An arbitrary number of different data models can exist

inside MMX Metadata Model simultaneously with relationships between them.

MMX Metadata Framework provides several diverse methods of data access to fulfill different requirements: Object-Relational Mapper, RDF API, Database (SQL) API etc. The concept of "generic transformation" enables definition of data transformations, mappings, transitions and functional dependencies of any complexity, exploiting recursion to flatten complex transformations.

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