Employee training and development with Edutizer

Edutizer is a web-based training process management and e-training environment by Mindworks Industries. Edutizer helps corporations to enforce their training policies by providing a flexible framework that can be adapted to fit different training strategies and processes. Edutizer is the best way to ensure that all of your employees have a certain and measurable level of knowing and understanding that particular piece of information you need them to know in order for your company to stand out of the competition.

Under the guise of generic "training ", Edutizer can be used for various types of tasks. For example pre-screening of job applicants, ad-hoc base training of new employees, supporting new products or services launches, sertification of employees or external partners, determining personnel training requirements, pre-screening of auditorial training candidates or measuring efficiency of auditorial training.

The functionality of Edutizer can be divided into three big categories:

Preparation of training materials: build corporate knowledge pool, structure knowledge into training courses, create questions and tests base.

Training process management: arrange employees into training groups, plan, assemble and assign training sessions, manage communication and training materials delivery.

Analysis of training results and sertification: tests and exams to measure individual success, statistics to measure training performance, analytics to evaluate the effort of the trainers.

More information available at www.edutizer.com